About Online Parent Support


Online Parent Support is a free service for parents.  

OPS was created by licensed professionals who work in the field of parenting and parent/child relationships.  It began in response to the coronavirus shutdown with the recognition that parents at home with children would need frequent, accessible, live support.  Group facilitators volunteer their time in order to insure that groups remain free of cost.   

Purpose, Challenge, and Opportunity


Our purpose is to help minimize or relieve the isolation and stress that can come with endless parenting.  By attending OPS groups, we hope that parents will feel that they are not alone, that other adults are having similar experiences, and that they can learn something that will help them through the next day or week.

Challenge and Opportunity

We hope that this will be a time of growth as well as challenge.  Through this experience of creating a “new normal,” we hope that as a society we change our expectations of parenting.  Raising children requires a livable balance between home and work, not a constant sacrifice between the two.  

Parenting should not be done in isolation.  Parents do better when they have community support and time to meet their own needs.  Then they are more able to meet the needs of their children.  

We hope that through creating community connections with other adults, parents will have the time to think about what is meaningful for them, what they want for their children, and what they want to carry forward through their parenting.  

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